Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Corrugating or serrating scissors and shears

Scissors blade with corrugations

Corrugations or serrations on a scissors are used to hold the material being cut in place. The teeth grip the slippery fabric, hair and keep fiberglass and kevlar from bunching up during cutting. Most cutting operations do not need these corrugations, but for certain applications they make the cutting job easier.

Kevlar, Spectra and fiberglass are difficult if not impossible to cut when it bunchs up. These teeth hold the material flat during cutting maintain a single layer that can be cut. These materials are very abrasive so the cutting edge breaks down quicker.

Sharpening your scissors with the Twice As Sharp® scissors sharpening system or other sharpener will remove these corrugations. You can usually sharpen the non-corrugated blade once or twice before the corrugated blade needs to be re-sharpened.

You have a couple of options when you need to sharpen the teeth off the corrugated blade. The most common is by using diamond corrugating files or a steel chequering file. The scissors blade needs be held tight at the correct angle in a vise like the Pana-Vise, and the file is used to create the teeth. Click here to learn more about the manual method of corrugating scissors.

Its fast and easy to corrugate with the new Wolff Corru-Gator

Another method to corrugate or serrate scissors is with the new Wolff Corru-Gator click here to learn about corrugating with the Corru-Gator.

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